Data Policy

We are of the belief that most (if not all) animals are sentient creatures with the same right to privacy as any human. We respect these rights and thus have designed data usage, privacy, and retention policies to match. Here are a few principles and guidelines we maintain when dealing with the imagery and data you upload.

1. Images of your pets are maintained for 30 days then deleted. We do not and will not sell or use this image data for any means other than training a custom diffusion model with the exception of our own marketing material (see 4)

2. Model checkpoints and weights are maintained for one week and then deleted. This is primarily for troubleshooting, debugging, and for handling support cases. Again, this data will not be sold or used for any means other than generating images of your pets.

3. Your rendered AI Images are available for 30 days after rendering them for your convenience. After that, we delete them.

4. You user data may be used on any of our websites, social media, and apps including marketing pages to show current user activity and promote our product. That being said, we are trying to be as ethical as possible with this. We will always reach out and ask permission before posting your pets or their images as promotional material.

5. To the extent allowed by law and as between you and Pet Portrait AI, you own your image uploads, and you agree that Pet Portrait AI owns all Generations, and you hereby make any necessary assignments for this. Pet Portrait AI grants you the exclusive rights to reproduce and display such Generations and will not resell Generations that you have created, or assert any copyright in such Generations against you or your end users, all provided that you comply with these terms and our Content Policy. If you violate our terms or Content Policy, you will lose rights to use Generations, but we will provide you written notice and a reasonable opportunity to fix your violation, unless it was clearly illegal or abusive. You understand and acknowledge that similar or identical Generations may be created by other people using similar pet images, and your rights are only to the specific Generation that you have created.